The College Search

As I enter the home stretch of my sophomore year of high school, correspondence with various colleges is beginning to heat up. I’ve heard from all different kinds of schools, some with fewer than 2,000 students (Knox College) and some that have more than 20,000 (University of Oregon). This process has been exciting as well as stressful and at times overwhelming.

Just the thought of college and leaving home is scary, to add to that the fact that I have no idea what I want to do. I used to think I knew, but I’m not so sure anymore, I’ve bounced a lot of ideas around in my head but the only new one that has stuck has been education/history and becoming a history teacher. Teaching is hard though, and I don’t know if I’m cut from the right cloth to do it. I used to think I wanted to be involved in sports, things like sports broadcasting, marketing, journalism or management. Now I know you’re probably telling yourself that I have plenty of time to decide that, but not having it decided (at least for now) is not something I’m used too.

Bascon Hall on the Wisconsin campus in Madison

Bascom Hall on the Wisconsin campus in Madison

Next the inevitable question of what you want in a school looms, big school or small school, in state or out-of-state, private or public?  I know I want to go to a bigger university, preferably something large enough to be division one in athletics. While that probably seems pretty silly to you, that has always been part of my college vision. A big school, standing in a roaring stadium, cheering on my school in whatever the sport may be. The question of in state or out-of-state is the one that is going to be much harder for me to decide, though I suppose the location of the school that is right for me will solve that in the end, it’s still one to think about. In my head, I always saw myself at Colorado, and as a result, staying instate. But having not heard anything from CU, which as silly as it may be, stings a little bit. Couple that with intriguing catalogues from Oregon, and LSU, and the emails of Indiana and Wisconsin, and I’m not so sure anymore. The instate schools have made a push too, specifically Denver. Private or Public is really one that will answer itself, the only private school in my top 5 is Denver, so most likely public.

Tonight, I just needed a space to get my thoughts out, thank you for allowing me to do that. If you would like to add your two cents, which I would much appreciate please put it in the comments here or respond to me on Twitter. More to follow on this topic in the coming months as I narrow down my choices and move forward in my journey.


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