The Colorado Football Team’s Actions Last Weekend During The Flood Have a Big Impact

Last week, as I’m sure you know, the Colorado Front Range was hit by heavy rainfall leading to flooding. The flooding left thousands without homes and four dead in Boulder County. The University of Colorado made the decision to cancel the Colorado-Fresno State game, so that all the resources could be dedicated to the relief efforts going on around the state. Coach Mike MacIntyre decided that the best thing that the team could do, would be to serve food to those displaced from University family housing.

The football team was joined by half the Men’s basketball team (the other half was helping at a different community organization), the Women’s basketball team, and the volleyball team. Now, I’m sure you’ve read about this previously, as national publications have covered it. Though the reality of it is no one can really express how much what those athletes did means to the children who were displaced. When you’re a young child, and someone like Paul Richardson takes the time to talk to you, someone he has no obligation too, I guarantee you, that that child will remember that conversation forever.

Paul Richardson talks to a child at Folsom Field during the teams charity work last Saturday

Paul Richardson talks to a child at Folsom Field during the teams charity work last Saturday

Now, you’re probably wondering how I would know that, it’s because  when I was 9, I went to an autograph session for the 2007 bowl team. While I was walking from player to player, having them sign my posters I was able to talk to them. I got to talk  to George “The Rabid Goldfish” Hypolite for 5 minutes. I don’t remember a word he said, but the fact that he wanted to take that time to talk to me meant the world to me; after all, this was a person whom I had watched on TV so many times, and he played college football, and he wanted to talk to me. So to P-Rich, and all the other athletes who helped, thank you. You have no idea how much you’ve helped those families and those kids. You guys are awesome. Go Buffs!


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